DIY Windows and Doors: How to Install New French Doors

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an outdoor sanctuary; a wrap-around porch or a small and intimate patio? Imagine looking out to the bright September sun, grabbing a mug of coffee or a glass of iced tea and walking straight out to that peaceful retreat. That is exactly the type of romantic feel French doors can bring to your home. They are, of course, paired doors that open away from each other, exposing a large opening, which allows ample fresh air into the space and also entices all to the outdoors. Generally, these doors are filled with a large panel of glass or several smaller ones, so they allow a great deal of sunlight in. If you can imagine French doors tucked neatly between two of your home windows , then you will definitely want to know more about their installation.

While replacing an ordinary door can be quite simple, especially when the old and new are cut to the same dimensions, French doors can be a little trickier to install.

Interior French Doors While most people imagine the glass-fronted exterior doors when the term ‘French door’ is spoken, there are solid, interior versions which will require the existing frame to be removed with a pry bar and hammer. The opening must be checked to ensure it is square and the new frame can be set in place. It is likely that some shimming may be necessary to get the proper fit before securing the frame in place. The doors should easily mount to the framing and the job is done.

Exterior French Doors Commonly used as a secondary exit from the home, French doors are frequently used as access to a deck, patio, porch, balcony, or pool. They provide a different look than a typical door and give the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. Installing them, however, is a job best handled by Plugerville, Texas, window replacement companies, as it can be quite involved. If you do decide to go it alone, you will follow the same steps as above to replace existing doors. If this is a first time install, the whole must be cut in the wall and the opening must be framed to support the new doors. Once the new doors are in place, it is important that all seams are sealed. As with new windows, French doors improperly installed can cause bad drafts and can, ultimately, push energy bills higher. However, if they are hung with care, the doors can improve the eye appeal of your home and keep your costs at a minimum.

It is important to understand that installing French doors, particularly those leading to the outside of the home, is not a job for a DIY beginner. This is a project that should, at least, be supervised by an experienced renovator. The best solution is to hire the professionals to handle the installation, so you can be sure that the work will be good, solid, and guaranteed. Then, you will have to freedom to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary without the stress of the job.