Visiting Your Austin Dentist for Gingival Sculpting

What is the first thing that people notice when you smile? For most of us, the first thing that people notice is our teeth. There is, however, another very important part of our smile that needs to be properly taken care of: our gums. Your gums anchor your teeth into your mouth and are the first place where disease in the mouth often occurs. Most people have a normal gum line and never have any problems when visiting their Austin dentist. There are, however, some people who actually have serious gum problems and who find that they need to have special treatment done on their gums in order to have a healthy smile.

Gingival Sculpting

When your gum line is irregular, or when you find that there is too much of the gum tissue in your mouth, that is when your dentist may opt to have you undergo a process known as gingival sculpting. Gingival sculpting is the process of manipulating the gums in your mouth in order to make sure that they look right and that they’re healthy as well. Poor hygiene is one of the number one reasons why the gums start to recede. When the gum does recede it causes a look that is known as “long in the tooth”, which means that you have too much tooth showing in your mouth and not enough gums. There are also some people who have to deal with having too much gum due to hereditary issues, and through no fault in their own.

Getting gingival sculpting done is one way to get rid of the gum that needs to be removed, or to adjust the gum so that it looks right. The process uses a special laser to remove gum tissue, which can contour the gum tissues around the look, giving you a better smile and much more self-confidence.

How do you know if you need gingival sculpting? One of the common complaints from people who actually do need this procedure done is that they feel as though they have teeth that look like baby teeth. This is because there is too much gum showing and not enough teeth. The problem isn’t that the teeth are oddly shaped, but is that there is too much gum tissue in the mouth. Gingival sculpting take care of this by getting rid of the excessive amount of gum and allowing the teeth to look normal.

If you are someone who believes that they need to look into gingival sculpting, due either to having too much gum or not enough, then you will want to speak with an Austin cosmetic dentist. This type of dentist has the skills, training, and equipment necessary in order to do this type of procedure. A few visits with a cosmetic dentist and you’ll quickly find that your teeth look better than they ever have before, and that your mouth finally looks proportionate, as they can rid you of the excessive gum that you may have.

About the Author: Bobby Milton has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and writes and lectures on many different dental topics