Finding an Austin Eye Doctor for an Elderly Person

Finding an Austin Eye Doctor for an Elderly Person

There are many misconceptions about getting older. One of the more common misconceptions is that every person, when they get older, needs to have glasses. If you’ve ever walked into a nursing home, however, you can see that while many do have glasses, just as many do not. The eyes are like every other part of the body: a muscle that needs to be taken care of. Those who have been taking care of their eyes as they grow, and who have a good family history of eye care, often don’t need to wear glasses when they get older. There are, however, a number of conditions which can occur when you get older that would necessitate getting an Austin eye doctor.

Getting Older

As we get older, our body slows down. Things that worked well when we were young do not work quite as well anymore as we get older. Even those who have taken excellent care of themselves as they aged often find that they have contracted conditions which require special care. In the case of eyes, there are many conditions which would require the care of a licensed eye doctor, including glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a disease that affects only the eye. When you have glaucoma, only the optic nerve is damaged. While this is good for the rest of your body, it is not so good for the eye itself. A damaged optic nerve means that you will most likely completely lose vision, leading to blindness. A good glaucoma doctor, however, may be able to help arrest the loss of vision so that the patient does not have to deal with blindness. There are some medications which can be prescribed which lower the intraocular pressure. These are often dispersed in the form of eye drops and can help a patient to slow down the progression of the disease. There are also a few different types of surgery that can be performed as well to help a patient who is suffering from glaucoma.

There are many other types of eye diseases that a person who is elderly can get, including cataracts. A cataract doctor, or cataract specialist, is someone who helps elderly patients who are dealing with cataracts. Cataracts are a thin film that grows over part of the eye, causing the patient to have a difficult time seeing. Unlike Glaucoma, which can come on rapidly, cataracts tend to grow slowly, giving doctors, if they are sought out, plenty of time to treat the condition. A quick surgery or two and the cataracts can be completely taken care of.

Other elderly find that they need to seek out a macular degeneration specialist to help them to retain their vision, as macular degeneration is another condition which often affects elderly eyesight. Don’t believe that all elderly need the care of an eye doctor, but those who do need care often need to find eye doctors who are well-versed in many of these elderly conditions in order to be properly taken care of.

About the Author: Larry Milton has written extensively about the optometry profession and enjoys informing individuals about latest developments in this field

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