Do You Have Rosacea?

The condition known as rosacea can be very troubling for those who suffer from it. Though the problem is not medically significant, it can be unsightly and call for cosmetic assistance.

Those who develop rosacea will notice that the face appears redder than usual, particularly around the nose and forehead. In addition to the flushing, there are often small bumps that appear like pimples in the area. They can be solid or puss filled, depending on the individual. Enlarged blood vessels in the area can also produce tiny red lines to appear and the face may sting or burn, especially when the face is contorted to show expression.

There are certain foods and other triggers that can make the skin condition worse. These can include alcohol, spicy foods, hot beverages, as well as changes in activity level. Hot baths, changes in the weather, and even direct sunlight can make the effects of rosacea more noticeable. In addition, sufferers should avoid excess stress, as well as harsh skin products that can aggravate the condition. In order to reduce the impact of rosacea, one should attempt to avoid triggers. Staying away from foods and beverages that are known to produce a pronounced redness, taking a cool shower after a workout and practicing stress management are three great steps to improve the condition. In some cases weight loss can improve skin condition, including rosacea. If you have difficulty shedding unwanted pounds, then you may want to consider the HcG diet. Austin laser spas have doctors on staff to answer questions about the diet program and to prescribe the treatment.

It is important to stay in contact with your doctor while suffering from rosacea. There are treatments to reduce the symptoms, includes medications for the eyes when they are involved. Many rosacea sufferers also report extremely dry, painful, or itchy eyes during a flare. If the condition continues to get progressively worse, it may be necessary to see a licensed dermatologist. It is also wise to discuss any medications being taken at the time of onset. It could be that the symptoms appear as rosacea, but are actually tied to the prescription or over-the-counter drugs being taken.

Currently, there is no cure for rosacea, but more is being learned about the condition everyday, and there is hope that a solution will be found in the near future. During outbreaks, there are spa treatments that can be used to erase the redness and bumps associated with rosacea, including photofacial. Austin technicians use broad spectrum light therapy to smooth the skin and provide a more consistent tone. Though it can take five to eight treatments to reach the desired outcome, the effects can be astounding and can nearly erase all traces of the skin condition.

Many experts agree that one way to prevent flares is through a healthier diet. Consider eating more foods rich in skin-friendly vitamins. More commonly vitamins C, E, and B complex are attributed to better skin health. While some of the most beneficial nutrients are available in topical solutions today, it is considered even more effective to include them in the daily diet.

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